Let’s try Cryptocurrency Exchange API #2 ~Shows on your web browser~

Previously, I shared about cryptocurrency exchanges’ Private API.
This time, I’m going to share How to show the exchange’s Board info on your web browser with you. CORS (Cross Origin) problem is solved!
In this article, we will use WebPack to transpile some resources such as JSX, SCSS, and superagetnt to request via HTTPS. I introduce React (one of JavaScript Libraries) here, but you can pick up what you think it’s important.
Most of logic are common.

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The Simplest Pricing Simulation about BANCOR(BNT)

*** SORRY I was using wrong formula!!! I fixed this article!!! ***

Writing in this article is the simplest example of Bancor’s autonomous price calculation rather than exchanges.

Bancor’s fundraising result was 396,720 ETH, as is also announced on the official website.

And as they set up 20% of revenue as a initial reserve and 50% of BANCOR (BNT) issued will be allocated to investors, wo can calculate the initial price as follows (It is the same as “1 ETH = 100 BNT” as in the crowdsale), though…)

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