Let’s try Cryptocurrency Exchange API #2 ~Shows on your web browser~

Previously, I shared about cryptocurrency exchanges’ Private API.
This time, I’m going to share How to show the exchange’s Board info on your web browser with you. CORS (Cross Origin) problem is solved!
In this article, we will use WebPack to transpile some resources such as JSX, SCSS, and superagetnt to request via HTTPS. I introduce React (one of JavaScript Libraries) here, but you can pick up what you think it’s important.
Most of logic are common.

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Let’s Try Cryptocurrency Exchange API #1

1. Prepare cryptocurrency exchanges account

In this post, I’d like to share a sample of trying to get your account information from the Cryptocurrency Exchange account via their API.

This time, I tried at following two Japanese exchanges. bitFlyer is starting their service in United States. (I’m gonna share the info about other global exchanges some day, such as Poloniex, Bitfinex, Liqui, etc.)

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